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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days!

School has been out for two days due to snow...snow like we have not seen in Georgia since 1993, the year of the blizzard....but unlike '93, this year's snow has been perfectly lovely...with all the fun AND all the comforts: power and heat, warm food and running water.

All the snowfall, however, has this little guy visiting my porch every hour or so. I get to sit at my desk and watch him through my kitchen sheers while he flits about, stealing cat food crumbs. Simon has noticed these frequent visits too...and watches until he just can't stand the temptation any more. Then Simon whines and paws at the door, scaring away our feathery friend.

But watching our little scavenger isn't the only thing we've done...

My husband made an early morning snowman.

I went for a walk...

and took some snowy pics.

Yesterday, our snow was unusually powdery for this area. So my two-footed boys spent most of the day riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. Simon and I settled in for a warm day on the couch. Today, however, our snow is much wetter, which lends itself to better packing. It's been much quieter around here...

Simon discovered snowballs.

He loves chasing them, but loses them immediately when they hit the ground. It's hysterical to watch him dart across the yard and plunge his nose into the snow, rooting around for an object he knows he just saw land but can neither smell nor find. When Simon does catch one mid-air, they crumble into nothingness. That, perhaps is the sadder scenario, as it seems to truly disappoint Simon. You should see those sad shoulders slump.

The secret is to freeze them.

Frozen (freezer) snowballs hold up to a bit of weimy chewing, and make great "treats." Finally, Simon has something!!! Not sure I would use them for "fetch" though...

...and of course there's the usual snowman construction...

Leave it to an engineer to design a life-sized, square snowman. These guys spent a couple hours packing and shaving snow with a machete. Then, they broke out an electric saw, some spare wood, and black spray paint for the facial features and buttons. Now this is a man's snowman!

By the way,...
those arms are made out of aluminum arrows and hunting gloves.

Last but not least, a bit of whimsy!

That's Simon's nose print, turning my smiley face into a face sticking out its tongue. Simon's such a Nosy Parker! Literally.


Update: School has already been cancelled for tomorrow. That makes three days out of school so far...a big deal for "this neck of the woods." 2011 is already proving to be a memorable year!

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