poetry, prose, and image by Brittney S Holland

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Man is not an island unto himself."
-John Donne

September 2nd was an anniversary of sorts. It was the day my daughter walked out of my house and out of my life. While it has been a difficult year, one filled with sleepless nights and countless tears, I am living proof that time does heal. Time heals, and Simon has played an integral part in this process...by being. Just being.

Simon's "being" means that Simon has needs. Simon needs to be let outside every morning at 5:30. Simon needs two scoops of food when he comes in and another two scoops at night. Simon needs fresh water in his bowl. Simon needs baths. Simon needs clean blankets. Simon needs tennis balls thrown again and again and again.

Simon has needs, and I need to be needed. It's been a beautiful partnership really, because while I've been busy meeting all those K-9 needs, Simon has become the jelly to my doughnut. In fact, he does all the things the other boys in the house would rather not do. He is my constant shadow, ever eager to tag along at a moment's notice. He is my playmate, my chick-flick-movie mate, my confidante. He listens when I talk, and he never rolls his eyes at my jokes. Oh, and those daily affirmations! Such fur-filled praises and sloppy kisses!

While Simon can never fill the void my daughter has left (that one is hers and hers alone) he has taught me to find joy in unexpected places and at unexpected times. Each day, Simon teaches me something new about living in the moment and loving others while we can. Fellowship and friendship, while essential to the human condition, aren't uniquely human.