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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dog Lovers Gotta Love Snoopy!!!

This is a Hallmark Christmas card that Simon and I sent this year to my brother-in-law and his pup Zeus. I loved it so much (H-U-G-E Peanuts fan here), that I scanned it before dropping it in the mail. I wanted to share it with you...

When I found this card, I laughed...because Simon proudly drags tree-sized sticks around our yard all the time. I laughed 'til the tears streamed down my cheeks. I laughed out loud, there in the middle of the isle...so loudly that nearby people stared...which was just fine with me. At 40+, I don't take myself so seriously anymore. Stare, Baby, stare!

Thanks, Hallmark. Thanks, Charles.

Laughter is a wonderful thing. Laughter is therapeutic. Laughter relieves stress, especially during a season that can easily overwhelm us if we aren't vigilant. Somewhere between the social engagements and the obligatory shopping and gift giving and card sending and baking and decorating and list checking and rechecking and thrice checking, it's entirely possible to lose sight of WHY Christmas is a CELEBRATION.

It's December 22nd...when was the last time you had a really good laugh? My most sincere hope is that you have a ready answer, that it was just this morning or last night. If not...

This is your challenge. Take a little break, a few minutes just for you, and watch the wedding dance scene at the end of Hitch...or the "Ruthie Pigface Draper" family sing-along scene in Dan in Real Life. Don't have those dvd's readily available? Watch "The Evolution of Dance" on YouTube (especially if you are an 80's adolescent) or some Jeff Dunham uploads also on YouTube (especially those featuring the terrorist puppet or the old man puppet).

My Christmas Wish for you today? Laugh. Laugh out loud. Laugh 'til the tears stream. Laugh 'til your sides hurt. And maybe, if you're really lucky, people will stare...stare and walk away wondering, "when was the last time I had a really good laugh?"

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